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Back, Back again

  Hey people i am deeply sorry for going MIA for so long. Many changes in my life have taken place over the past few weeks while i was away. Well now i am back to please your waging tongues, my faithful readers. For that i shall treat you if you ask me out. Well today i met Teng Wei and we went to Singapore together. He was late as usual. Haha Anyway went to sembawang to meet.....*drumroll* .............IVY ANG, my princess whom i so longing wanted to see. We went back to her house and we played bball at the court. After 20 mins, my stamina tank was empty and Ivy was fit as a fiddle. It is an indication that i need to boost my stamina. After chatting about certain issues, we went to Sun Plaza and ate at Hong Kong Cafe for lunch . The food is good especially the drink. I loved it. Ivy is too smart when its comes too food. Well we went back to her house and look at her baby pictures. Aww she is so cute and i felt like pinching her cheeks. She gave me the Australian booklets. Thanks Princess.

Next i met Wei yee, Jun Ting, Shujun, BAl and we went to Yishun Lib. I taught wei yee normal distribution and it was headache. Haha i hated statistics in Jc so boring. After that went back home.

Im back

Omg i have been mia for a long time. I apologise to those who have been eagerly awaiting for of my posts. To be frank i have been die die crazy. Been working and planning and organsing stuff. Firstly let me say George got me a new job. George is my good buddy from Pre U seminar schooling in SAJC. The workplace is at potong pasir and the pay is good. But so far haha. But i love this job alot. Really do cool things in sports admin. Well i will be working till end of March.

THis sat i am having a chalet at costa sands in Sentosa. Pls contact me if you wanna come.

Erm so ya thats all so far. Will update soon.......

MAlacca trip

Well people i am back from an eventful trip from Malacca. It was overall a simple and nice trip. At least i got to enjoy it with my friends. Thanks to Ben, Chuan De, Guorong and Shanq Kuen for coming along. So lets summarize the trip for u.

Day 1

THe three of them came so early around 7 pm and spent their time in City Square. Walau why they come so early????? I was at a bloody function . But it the end i footed their Kenny Roger's bill. Im suprised they didnt eat more. Im not complaining. Well the bus was on time and left on time and also reached on time. We went to my house in Malacca. It was not too bad considering we havent used it in 5 years. We walked for half an hour over 6 km to find a place to eat until finally we got a cab driven by Mr Aru. We ate good porridge at Melakaraya

Day 2

Well Ben came down around 12pm and we shot straight to Jonker street for lunch. We ate Chicken Rice Ball. It was like dying and gone to heaven. HAizz and we spend most of the time walking along Jonker street walking and buying staff. We were tired and got back and changed to Go to Bukit Cina to eat SATAY CELOP. WOoots  it was great. Damn good. Haha after that went went clubbing alone in a stupid club CUBE

Day 3

 Simply nice and the portugese food sucked sucked n sucked. Joan & El CHICOS can go pack up.

Some amazing news


Sorry people for going MIA for a long time . Been awfully busy.  Teaching to planning for the Malacca trip. Haha im finally posting another post. Im glad to entertain you readers. You all give me the strength to post

Well the Malacca trip is settle. Got the bus tickets and so me, SK, GR, CD, BC will be going to Malacca. Well we are gonna stay in the bungalow of mine there . Im sure i can also meet my old buddies and friends there. We are gonna eat and club and shop and do crazy things. Omg how wicked is that haha. Well im going there on Saturday around 9pm and will be back on Tuesday afternoon. So ya send me well wishes before i go. You want anything, i will get for you. Just give me a ring and i will ensure your order is taken

Secondly today Ben and i went back to YJc to meet our old teachers . Most teachers said i put on more pounds. Gosh need to workout. Back to the gym. Haha im going to miss Miss Lim. She was a dedicated teacher and coach and set a platform to help me excel in bowling. Im sure my bowling buddies would agree. Best of luck for her education. Also she told me many suprising things. Haha i shall not reveal here. Gosh although i didnt like the atmosphere of YJC i do miss the teachers.

Thirdly i chatted with Shuqi on msn. Its been many years since i chatted with her. I haven seen her for a long time even when i was in Sec 4. I really miised her. She was and still is a good fren. I admire many qualities of her. Some i wish i had. She is truly an model to aspire to. I hope we can see each other soon. I remember the countless times i taught her maths and i guess she hated the way i taught. BUt i do miss her

Well that all i have to say. So ya .........................

A good day

Well 27 Jan , a good day. Woke up around 10am. Went to Singapore and reached Bishan around 1. Then Shanq Kuen told me he is gonna be freaking late and then GR said he will be 45 minutes late. Oh my freaking gonads, i waited 45 mins and then GR came and we both walked to Ben Choy's house. It was nice in Ben Choy house. Great food, company, entertainment and cake. His bdae was today. Overall a good outing in Benjamin Choy house.

Then SK,GR and me took a cab down to OCC to meet Yp(my wife) and Chuan De. So we went to bowl and we played 2 games. I thought i was gonna win the first game as i had 13o and CD had 94, but 4 strikes in a row made him score 154. OH my freaking GONADS. Haha second game everyone thought i was losing cos by the fourth frame i only had 28 pts but i rallied back to win the game 100 pts. Well Gr played well for a begginer as he had an average of 95. Kudos to him

Well we went to Swensens for dinne.r. We had to talk alot of nonsense. We had yellow jokes ( ask Sheery) . Haha We ordered our main dishes and then ordered dessert. Can u guess it? No ? well it was Giant earthquake. woah it was goooooooood. HAha . So we made many plans for Feb which some i wont reveal for personal reasons.. Anyways i can tell you that i and GR have made plans to make a road trip to Malacca with few people. Who wanna join us. Pls inform me faster. Yes we will be staying in my  bungalow in Malacca for freeeeeeeeeee. HAha

Thats all. Btw i am drunk

Something pleasent

Well people im back from a busy busy busy weekend. well on Saturday i went to play with Hong Ling, TengWei, Eu Ginn, Teck Yew and two others. Wow it was brillant playing futsal. But it showed how lousy my stamina was. Seriously i couldnt last the whole two hours. It took a lot of effort and my i was drenched in my own sweat. I am unsure how much water weight there was. In all i enjoyed it

Sunday was badminton day. Well Teng Wei join the normal gang and erm Samuel eye candy Celynn was there. Well i beat Teng Wei 21-19. It was a close game and i actually cant remember losing any games. I was on fire on Sunday and yeah some shots of mine was incredible. Maybe i cannot beat Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan but i feel pretty confident of beating Ronald Susilo.

Monday i went to Fish n Co cos thanks to princess Ivy she helped to arrange appointment with Rick. when i went there at 10 .....disaster struck Rick was not there. Omg lucky i had to go play pool with Shanq Kuen and yeah he beat me 4-2. Then i met Rick and i think he gave me the job . Thanks ivy

Thats my weekend summed up in my style

Erm a wekkend to look forward to

Well, tmr i am going to play SOCCER . Omg so long i haven played. Last time was 20 Nov 08. It was a special day and i love that day as it also marked the end of A levels for me.  Tmr soccer with Hong( Noob), zen kyn, eugene and 2 others. Cant wait. Then on Sunday badminton with Samuel and co. Hope to see the chio bu again. HAha for Samuel sake.

Btw i got tagged by my wife, LIM YI PENG

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. Do you have secrets?
  Yes  obviously

2. Are you a cheerful person?
    Absolutely. Ask ivy

3. Do you enjoy going to school?
    In EVG yes but YJc nope

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
 Set up a foundation for autism kids. But seriously i dun want the money

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Being loved by someone.

7. List out your favourite type of songs:
Nice melody, good vocal, meaningful lyrics, lifts my heart.

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
   Wait for her. Never give up as she s the love of my life

9. Is there anything that has made you extremely happy?
 Yes many leh. Ask me personally cos too many to state

10. What makes you angry?
Betrayal, unreasonableness, childishness.

11. How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
 Childish. Im sorry ppl i love to be childish

12. Who is currently the most important people to you?

13. What is the most important thing in life?
    Sex. Nope joking. Humility

14. Single or attached? With who?
Attached to my wife Yp and princess omg

15. What is your favourite colour?

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
Frankly speaking nope. Maybe about 50%.

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
      Erm the one who is the right choice for me

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
      Yes. They will be judge when their time comes

19. What do you want to tell the someone you like?
      Kugan is childish.

20. 5 people I have tagged:
      Samuel, Keith, Aisyah ,Joanna, Avon

Another confusing week

Hey ppl. Miss me? Haha. Well this week i been busy busy busy. Not with work unfortunately. But bowling with Shanq Kuen. Well Monday we hit gym at around 12 and we had a 1 hr workout. Felt good and we went to bowl. 4-0 was the score. Guess who won? Haha ya its me. Well the margin between us kept on increasing.  well from 10 pts to 50 pts. That was how the gap was. Wednesday we bowled again and an upset. I lost 1 game to him. Shocking? I noe. Well all i can say is i miss bowling and especially disturbing Shujun when she calls me FIFI. I like that name btw. It feels special.

Anyways on thursday last week, i went to SP open house and NYP open house. Btw NYP was better. It was more informative. I feel so bad why jc cannot have such an environment. Poly environment is good. poly students you better enjoy it cos its worth it. Haha i got pumped in pool by yp, sheery, ivy , sk. Pool skills needs brushing up. So sad

Lastly. Let me lament on how difficult it is to get a job. After all, arent i foreign talent??? HAha but i like to thank my dearest princess, Ivy for speacking to Fish N Co for me and there is a good chance i might get a job. Woah, thanks Princess. Hotdog promises to serve you more and make you happy.

Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal fans watch out for another MAn United onslaught. MUAhahahhahaah( evil)

A Busy Weekend

Haizz. A long and tiring week i had. But along the way i have dissapointed many people. I dont know what has gotten into me. Insecurity? Low prority? I just dont know. I feel what SK said to me was probably true. I heeded his advice and i wont make this mistake again. So i would like to apologise to the following people who have stood up with my nonsense....YP, Sherry, SK, Benckg, TSJ and many others. Dear friends, this mistake was grave and made me realise how foolish i was. I am truly indeed sorry. I do hope you find in your heart to forgive me.

Secondly i met YP on Saturday. Had a good outing with him. I hope i made him happy. Well we went to play pool and guess what? We both sucked. It was 8 horrible games we both played. I guess we had low morale and were not on form and yet he beat me 5-3. Congrats YP, you played a good game of pool. Well it was a short day and i truly enjoyed it and i hope he did as well. Oh ya before i forget, Thanks to him and Sherry they got me a mini football. I love it. T^hanks guys.

Also yesterday i met Ivy for interview with Fish and Co and ok i hope i get accepted. But not to keen to be part of Kitchen crew. Haha. We sat down and we talked after the interview. I think the church camp has made Ivy a better person. She seems more towards helping people and is fully aware of time and its preciousness. I am really honoured to know her. She is a life-changing person.

Haizz i have nothing else to go on rambling. I need my sleep and hope to have a more exciting life when i wake up in 7 hours time. wish me luck. HAha

Final Moments Of 2008

As the clock runs out of 2008, Yi Peng Got me to think deeply and write about the memoirs of 2008. Looking at the clock, with 25 mins left to 2009, i have thought it through. The year 2008 was an eventful year full of ups and downs but lets face it, such things will always occur. But what makes 2008 special is that the events were strong, meaning they were powerful enough to either lift me or depress me. I have many people to thank for easing me through the year 2008. So i shall list the good and bad of 2008


1) A good friend of mine suddenly backstabbed me without telling me why. I will not hate him for what he has done but will patiently wait for him to explain to me
2)My best friends father died from an accident. YP u have gave me strength from what you have gone through
3)The stressful nature of YJC and A levels. There was times i was depressed and felt like quitting. I thought i will never be ready for A levels and feared for my future
4) Erm Sth confidential which YP and Sheery know as it occured to  me today. I hope to be frank soon
5) For not being truthful to a certain someone causing that person move away from me...pls i yearn for a second chance

1) More family moments. I yearn for this moments as it makes me happy
2) The thing in Esplanade Library. I did not regret it cos i wanted it
3) Ivy being there for me . Inspirational
4) Able  to control my patience. Something which i have been working on
5) All other small achievements that have lifted me
6) Knowing great people that have steadied the ship for me

So i would love to thank the following ppl for making 2008 easier,

YP, Sheery, SK, Avon, Benckg , Lord and my family plus IVY