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Adeline Wong Xueling

As i sit writing this post on the bright sunny morning, i realised soon Adeline will be leaving for India for dentistry. Reality suddenly struck me as i won't be able to see her for another year or so. All i can say is that we will all miss her

Adeline was someone i met in Lincoln College and she kinda reminded me of my friend and so i took a small interest in her as i though she may be related to my friend and in the end it was not true. I kinda started to get close to Adeline after pairing her up with Patricia. Both of them are kinda similar. Perfect Match as many would say. I am only glad to be of service

Adeline is a humble girl who knows her capabilities only too well and doesn't really boast. She has this natural cute voice which maybe i can only hear. We have amazing similarities and guess wad............she can play the violin, the instrument i have admired since young. She is talented as she is capable of doing many stuff such as clay dolls, roses and playing all sorts of musical instrument.

I remember 21/8/2009 very well not just because it was the first outing between us but the day i got my first ever rose. i will treasure it forever . Thank You so much Adeline. Well yesterday we had another outing with James and she was like fun, humorous and a doll as ever and i can say i really enjoyed yesterday

Adeline you say your not perfect and that's true because neither am i nor neither is any human on earth. But all i can say that knowing you for 3-4 months, you shoudn't change anything about yourself. It has indeed been a pleasure knowing you. It has been wonderful meeting someone like you. There will never be someone like you. For all the troubles and mistakes, i apologise and hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.

Remember this following phrases :1) you got a friend in me 2) You are not alone 3)No need to say goodbye 4) i will always be at your side

I now i saw please have a safe journey and do keep in contact. I will miss you



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