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A review

Well i kinda like Yipeng's new blog. More football talk with detailed analysis. I dont think girls will like this post. WELL since i have decided to follow YP post. So let's look back at the footie action that occured over the weekend.

Manchester United 2 Arsenal 1

Well firstly as a Man Utd fan im jolly happy with the result. Seriously Arsenal should have easily won the game. Well first half, they scored a decent goal through Arshavin and fair enough the first half. Man Utd lack the ideas in the first half. Second half and Arsenal should have doubled their lead through Van Persie but not for an amzing reflex save by Foster. Then the twist occured and a penalty by Rooney and an own goal by Diaby put the result beyond Arsenal. But let me warn people that it's not Man Utd that is weak but they are perennial slow starters and will peak and be unstoppable.

Tottenham 2 Birmingham 1

Omg Tottenham maximum points. Looking back at the game until the 67 min or so Tottenham look like the same side like last season until the drama unfold with Crouch amazing header and then Lee Bowyer equaliser. Then as i put a cheeky grin, knowing that Tottenham will only settle for 1 pt Aaron Lennon crept up with a goal and the Great Houdini act is performed. I think with Tottenham now acquiring Kranjcar they will be competing for Top 4.

Portsmouth 0 Man City 1

Once again the same scoreline 1-0. Once again it's Adebayor. But doesnt matter. Only a fool will say that Man City wont do great things this season. Along with Spurs, i expect them to be in the Top 4. They have quality everywhere on the pitch. Brimming with talent, it will take time for them to gel as a unit and play awesome football and watch out they will exactly win at least 1 trophy i believe.

Ahhhhh the just love football :D



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