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The Ugly Side

Hello folks. As I am writing this post i sort of wonder what sort of meaningful drivel i should engage about. Suddenly i thought of this article i read a few days back. It was about CYBER BULLYING. Yes i type rightly, it is cyber bullying. Sometimes, even i admit myself we take the internet for granted. We dont really realise those who suffer from Internet. There are two stories i like to share before revealing my thoughts on it. While reading the story, try putting yourself in the victim's shoes and then you can understand about 20% as we can never fully understand them.

Story 1

Allysa was a normal 13 year old girl. She didnt have much friends in school as she was not considered 'cool'. She was often left out of games and sat alone during recess. But she was a brillant student. In fact her average was 90% and was top in her class. Many girls hated her and so they set up this blog entirely for cursing her and spreading bad things and untrue rumours about her. Allysa couldnt take it and she commited suicide.

Story 2

Violet was a similar kinda girl to Allysa but she was the obediant type. She never skips classes unlike her classmates even though she was alone in class. She did everything right. So all the cool people decided to gang upon her. They created a fake FRIENDSTER profile under her name describing her as a slut and offering sexual services. They even posted her email and hp number. Violet started receiving lewd and dirty messages from strangers. eventually Violet was depressed and became pyschotic


These are the two stories and see what happened to two innocent girls who didnt bother anybody but yet suffered. My heart goes out to them
What right do people have to blog or use the internet to curse ,swear, spread rumours and do harmful things to other people. They have no right. Look at allysa case. She lost her life. People we need to stop cyber bullying and we need to help especially girls as thousands suffer from cyber bullying. I urge all of you to spread the word to stop cyber bullying. Lifes can be saved. Just imagine if it was you in their shoes.



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