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Russian Class Over At Long Last

Finally after putting simply some stupid Russian words in the exam and passing to Vivian, my heart triumph with joy. No words nor phrase can depict or describe my joy. It signalled the end of my Russian Language course. Although i will still have lessons in Russia, im relief for now. Taking a break from a "pain in he neck" language is a huge bonus for me. Am i going to fail the test???? DEFINATELY but who cares. You can write essays and do Russian grammar just by attending lessons for a few months. It is logically impossible. Well nevermind about that, what is most important is that i actual focus and learn the language there. Now to relax for 1 month plus and get my head in a cool arena of no worries.

I want to just do my 6 years well and come out as a competent doctor. I want to serve society and not just stand there looking good and pocketing big bucks monthly. I have no interest in that. The world is in need of competent doctors and not doctors who are bullied by family pressure or those who use the " dont care" attitude. The Malaysian healthcare system is shambolic to say so at least. Look at the situation in Sabah And Sarawak. Im ashamed to even say im from MAlaysia.

Well im going to miss my REAL friends in KL. Well i used it because someone friendships are so fake that is too obvious. Im am indeed a blunt person. But its the truth that matters. I speak and stand for what is true and justified. I am no hypocrite. Well i hope to see and meet more friends in Russia.

For now i shall go and relax.......



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