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Jun. 20th, 2009

My frens i am truly back after a stressful month or two. This blog is not dead. I repeat this blog aint dead. Im sorry for going MIA. To my frequent readers i apologise. Life for me in KL has been boring, stressful and full of many frustrating elements. I shalll elaborate some here. I miss you all In JB and Singapore especially IVy, YIpeng, SHerry, SK, CD and others...... I hope to see you all sooon. RUssian class for me has been a heck of a difficult language. Im seriously struggling to grapple with it. But i wont give up.

Two things crossed my mind When i was in Kl. Let me elaborate

Firstly im suprised that SPM leavers ( Lower level of O Level) are allowed to do medicine with foundation science of 3 months. Omg is that how easy to become a doctor. Im shocked. No wonder the healthcare system in Malaysia is poor and there are so many "chaplang" doctors here and there. IM starting to doubt the competency of Malaysian Doctors. I fully trsut SIngapore doctors. Seriuosly this pathway is a joke...

Secondly i cant believe how disillusioned Malaysians are with SIngapore. They think SIngapore is lousier than Malaysia. I refutely disagree 10000000%. I am a Malaysian that stays in JB and travel to SIngapore for education for 12 years. I am indeed valid enough to judge and in my opinion SIngapore is truly much better. Malaysia needs to improve to catch up with Singapore. Many aspects of Malaysia seriously need to be upgraded.....

ALthough this post may be procative, i still stand by what i say. I also wanna apologise to anyone i hurt this week.



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