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February 22nd, 2010

Back again after a Long time

Well firstly i need to apologize to my die hard fans who have been visiting my blog hopping for an update. Well so many things have like happened to me and blogging has become a low priority,low urgency (according to Billy). Well i can say that i miss blogging and mouthing certain things which may be useful not only for myself but for those reading it.

Well from 23/01/2010 to 4/02/2010 i went to London and i practically visited everything from London Eye to every single Museums to Palaces. The only places i didn't visit was Buckingham Palace, Parliament houses and Royal Albert Hall. Well London is a wonderful place with great history and i want thank my aunt Thana and Uncle Alex for providing me almost everything and sorry for anything that I've upset you all guys. Well i don't rally wanna talk about London as pictures will do the talking. So visit my Facebook and look at those pictures

Well Winter Conference 2010 was amazing. There and there i truly understood my relationship with God better and how i can serve him better. It was awesome to have Ps Matts Ola and Ps Kevin Loo and really it was a blast. i really enjoyed a certain song from CHC band which i wanna share with you all guys

Because of You

(Verse 1)
Because of You, I was born again
Because of You, I’m ransomed by Your grace
Because of You, my heart has found a home
A refuge for my soul

Because of You, sins are washed away
Because of You, heaven knows my name
Because of You, I can live again
You’ve broken every chain

Unfailing Love, so unreserved
You gave Yourself on Calvary
And now I stand, forever free
My Saviour rescued me.

(Verse 2)
Because of You, the weak say "I am strong"
Because of You, the broken have a song
Because of You, there's no need to fear
Hope steadfast, ever sure

Now heaven, be open
Our God is, unshaken
We worship, Christ risen
High above

Now heaven, be open
All kingdoms, all nations
Declare that “You are God”

Well i hope you all will sing and enjoy this song well i got to go and will continue to update my blog whenever i can



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