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Back again after a Long time

Well firstly i need to apologize to my die hard fans who have been visiting my blog hopping for an update. Well so many things have like happened to me and blogging has become a low priority,low urgency (according to Billy). Well i can say that i miss blogging and mouthing certain things which may be useful not only for myself but for those reading it.

Well from 23/01/2010 to 4/02/2010 i went to London and i practically visited everything from London Eye to every single Museums to Palaces. The only places i didn't visit was Buckingham Palace, Parliament houses and Royal Albert Hall. Well London is a wonderful place with great history and i want thank my aunt Thana and Uncle Alex for providing me almost everything and sorry for anything that I've upset you all guys. Well i don't rally wanna talk about London as pictures will do the talking. So visit my Facebook and look at those pictures

Well Winter Conference 2010 was amazing. There and there i truly understood my relationship with God better and how i can serve him better. It was awesome to have Ps Matts Ola and Ps Kevin Loo and really it was a blast. i really enjoyed a certain song from CHC band which i wanna share with you all guys

Because of You

(Verse 1)
Because of You, I was born again
Because of You, I’m ransomed by Your grace
Because of You, my heart has found a home
A refuge for my soul

Because of You, sins are washed away
Because of You, heaven knows my name
Because of You, I can live again
You’ve broken every chain

Unfailing Love, so unreserved
You gave Yourself on Calvary
And now I stand, forever free
My Saviour rescued me.

(Verse 2)
Because of You, the weak say "I am strong"
Because of You, the broken have a song
Because of You, there's no need to fear
Hope steadfast, ever sure

Now heaven, be open
Our God is, unshaken
We worship, Christ risen
High above

Now heaven, be open
All kingdoms, all nations
Declare that “You are God”

Well i hope you all will sing and enjoy this song well i got to go and will continue to update my blog whenever i can

Finally im back

Sorry people, i have not been updating as usual. Been busy and having a new internet provider for the hostel has delayed me in updating my blog. So dont worry, THIS BLOG AINT DEAD.

Well i have just finish my Anatomy colloque( mini exam) and i got Level 4 which is like 80%. So sad i made a few mistakes in labelling and explanation and i could feel that I should have scored better. Nevermind, no use looking back in the past where the future is waiting for us.
Next week im going to have more collogue for medicinal biology and physics. Damn every week there is at least 2 colloques.

So anyway i have been searching for a Catholic church since i came to Moscow. I couldnt find until meeting Derrick who then took me to Church with Neilson and co. I can say in Russia the contingent of Catholics is very small. The Church was brillant and i could feel and embrace the Holy Spirit

Well so far Russia has been very cold. Omg suffering at these 0, -1,-2 degrees. It has not even reach -20 degrees

Wondering tirelessly


I feel so lost! I feel so afraid! I feel so stressed! I feel so angry! why?/?????

Is it because i love someone and that she might not love me back????
The constant ragging in my uni and hostel??????
The constant controls and colloquims every week????

I really need to resolve many of these issues i just need to. Arrgghh i want write stuff that was exciting but my mood is not the right kind to write that sort of drivel....................

Adeline Wong Xueling

As i sit writing this post on the bright sunny morning, i realised soon Adeline will be leaving for India for dentistry. Reality suddenly struck me as i won't be able to see her for another year or so. All i can say is that we will all miss her

Adeline was someone i met in Lincoln College and she kinda reminded me of my friend and so i took a small interest in her as i though she may be related to my friend and in the end it was not true. I kinda started to get close to Adeline after pairing her up with Patricia. Both of them are kinda similar. Perfect Match as many would say. I am only glad to be of service

Adeline is a humble girl who knows her capabilities only too well and doesn't really boast. She has this natural cute voice which maybe i can only hear. We have amazing similarities and guess wad............she can play the violin, the instrument i have admired since young. She is talented as she is capable of doing many stuff such as clay dolls, roses and playing all sorts of musical instrument.

I remember 21/8/2009 very well not just because it was the first outing between us but the day i got my first ever rose. i will treasure it forever . Thank You so much Adeline. Well yesterday we had another outing with James and she was like fun, humorous and a doll as ever and i can say i really enjoyed yesterday

Adeline you say your not perfect and that's true because neither am i nor neither is any human on earth. But all i can say that knowing you for 3-4 months, you shoudn't change anything about yourself. It has indeed been a pleasure knowing you. It has been wonderful meeting someone like you. There will never be someone like you. For all the troubles and mistakes, i apologise and hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.

Remember this following phrases :1) you got a friend in me 2) You are not alone 3)No need to say goodbye 4) i will always be at your side

I now i saw please have a safe journey and do keep in contact. I will miss you

A review

Well i kinda like Yipeng's new blog. More football talk with detailed analysis. I dont think girls will like this post. WELL since i have decided to follow YP post. So let's look back at the footie action that occured over the weekend.

Manchester United 2 Arsenal 1

Well firstly as a Man Utd fan im jolly happy with the result. Seriously Arsenal should have easily won the game. Well first half, they scored a decent goal through Arshavin and fair enough the first half. Man Utd lack the ideas in the first half. Second half and Arsenal should have doubled their lead through Van Persie but not for an amzing reflex save by Foster. Then the twist occured and a penalty by Rooney and an own goal by Diaby put the result beyond Arsenal. But let me warn people that it's not Man Utd that is weak but they are perennial slow starters and will peak and be unstoppable.

Tottenham 2 Birmingham 1

Omg Tottenham maximum points. Looking back at the game until the 67 min or so Tottenham look like the same side like last season until the drama unfold with Crouch amazing header and then Lee Bowyer equaliser. Then as i put a cheeky grin, knowing that Tottenham will only settle for 1 pt Aaron Lennon crept up with a goal and the Great Houdini act is performed. I think with Tottenham now acquiring Kranjcar they will be competing for Top 4.

Portsmouth 0 Man City 1

Once again the same scoreline 1-0. Once again it's Adebayor. But doesnt matter. Only a fool will say that Man City wont do great things this season. Along with Spurs, i expect them to be in the Top 4. They have quality everywhere on the pitch. Brimming with talent, it will take time for them to gel as a unit and play awesome football and watch out they will exactly win at least 1 trophy i believe.

Ahhhhh the just love football :D

Doctors.....is that THE profession?

Soon i will be leaving to Russia to do medicine. As i tell this to many people, people say 'WOW' or 'Congrats' . I can never undertand these reactions. Is being a doctor that great. Especially if your in Malaysia??? People think  being a doctor makes you rich. Let's look at case in Malaysia and use it as a case study. A medical officer in Malaysia earns around Rm6000( $2500). Each day, the doctor has to work around 18 hours and  times that with let say 25 days ( assuming he gets 5-6 days off) that will be a total of 450 hours. Now that means each hour a doctor makes Rm 14 ( $6) which is nothing great. So don't say that being a doctor is earning big bucks. That may be reffered to Specialists and Surgeons. Our social life wil also be shorten as we apparently have no time for that too. So how good is it to be a doctor????

To me, i wanna be a doctor not because of the meagre salary, or to have the word Dr infront of my name or to wear the white coat. I wanna be a doctor to coonect to people, to help them, to improve the quality of life and to make a difference in the healthcare system. That is why one should be a dcotor. I disaprove people who are forced by their parents to become doctors or those who wanna be a doc because of fame, wealth and so on.

I think i written enough and tmr i will post something that is fruitful and eye-opening

The Ugly Side

Hello folks. As I am writing this post i sort of wonder what sort of meaningful drivel i should engage about. Suddenly i thought of this article i read a few days back. It was about CYBER BULLYING. Yes i type rightly, it is cyber bullying. Sometimes, even i admit myself we take the internet for granted. We dont really realise those who suffer from Internet. There are two stories i like to share before revealing my thoughts on it. While reading the story, try putting yourself in the victim's shoes and then you can understand about 20% as we can never fully understand them.

Story 1

Allysa was a normal 13 year old girl. She didnt have much friends in school as she was not considered 'cool'. She was often left out of games and sat alone during recess. But she was a brillant student. In fact her average was 90% and was top in her class. Many girls hated her and so they set up this blog entirely for cursing her and spreading bad things and untrue rumours about her. Allysa couldnt take it and she commited suicide.

Story 2

Violet was a similar kinda girl to Allysa but she was the obediant type. She never skips classes unlike her classmates even though she was alone in class. She did everything right. So all the cool people decided to gang upon her. They created a fake FRIENDSTER profile under her name describing her as a slut and offering sexual services. They even posted her email and hp number. Violet started receiving lewd and dirty messages from strangers. eventually Violet was depressed and became pyschotic


These are the two stories and see what happened to two innocent girls who didnt bother anybody but yet suffered. My heart goes out to them
What right do people have to blog or use the internet to curse ,swear, spread rumours and do harmful things to other people. They have no right. Look at allysa case. She lost her life. People we need to stop cyber bullying and we need to help especially girls as thousands suffer from cyber bullying. I urge all of you to spread the word to stop cyber bullying. Lifes can be saved. Just imagine if it was you in their shoes.

Russian Class Over At Long Last

Finally after putting simply some stupid Russian words in the exam and passing to Vivian, my heart triumph with joy. No words nor phrase can depict or describe my joy. It signalled the end of my Russian Language course. Although i will still have lessons in Russia, im relief for now. Taking a break from a "pain in he neck" language is a huge bonus for me. Am i going to fail the test???? DEFINATELY but who cares. You can write essays and do Russian grammar just by attending lessons for a few months. It is logically impossible. Well nevermind about that, what is most important is that i actual focus and learn the language there. Now to relax for 1 month plus and get my head in a cool arena of no worries.

I want to just do my 6 years well and come out as a competent doctor. I want to serve society and not just stand there looking good and pocketing big bucks monthly. I have no interest in that. The world is in need of competent doctors and not doctors who are bullied by family pressure or those who use the " dont care" attitude. The Malaysian healthcare system is shambolic to say so at least. Look at the situation in Sabah And Sarawak. Im ashamed to even say im from MAlaysia.

Well im going to miss my REAL friends in KL. Well i used it because someone friendships are so fake that is too obvious. Im am indeed a blunt person. But its the truth that matters. I speak and stand for what is true and justified. I am no hypocrite. Well i hope to see and meet more friends in Russia.

For now i shall go and relax.......

Jun. 20th, 2009

My frens i am truly back after a stressful month or two. This blog is not dead. I repeat this blog aint dead. Im sorry for going MIA. To my frequent readers i apologise. Life for me in KL has been boring, stressful and full of many frustrating elements. I shalll elaborate some here. I miss you all In JB and Singapore especially IVy, YIpeng, SHerry, SK, CD and others...... I hope to see you all sooon. RUssian class for me has been a heck of a difficult language. Im seriously struggling to grapple with it. But i wont give up.

Two things crossed my mind When i was in Kl. Let me elaborate

Firstly im suprised that SPM leavers ( Lower level of O Level) are allowed to do medicine with foundation science of 3 months. Omg is that how easy to become a doctor. Im shocked. No wonder the healthcare system in Malaysia is poor and there are so many "chaplang" doctors here and there. IM starting to doubt the competency of Malaysian Doctors. I fully trsut SIngapore doctors. Seriuosly this pathway is a joke...

Secondly i cant believe how disillusioned Malaysians are with SIngapore. They think SIngapore is lousier than Malaysia. I refutely disagree 10000000%. I am a Malaysian that stays in JB and travel to SIngapore for education for 12 years. I am indeed valid enough to judge and in my opinion SIngapore is truly much better. Malaysia needs to improve to catch up with Singapore. Many aspects of Malaysia seriously need to be upgraded.....

ALthough this post may be procative, i still stand by what i say. I also wanna apologise to anyone i hurt this week.


People i am indeed sorry for not posting anything for over 1 and half months. I have been truly busy with many aspects of my life. Well straight to the point. Im in KL doing prep course for Uni. Well im gonna study medicine In Russia.

Well in KL im attending Lincoln College learning Russian which is very tough. But yet it is a romantist type of language. I will finish the course in July before coming back for one month rest before i shoot of for Russia. THis is how many aspects of my life have been busy

I met great ppl in Lincoln and now i wanna say godnight